Rock Drumming System

Drum Manufacturers

Tama Drums - Tama makes great drums for sure. Read up on the history of Tama drums. From Starclassic to Stagestar, Tama has a wide array of kits. Learn all the different kits Tama makes!

Pearl Drums - Pearl is one of the oldest drum comapnies around. Read up on the history of Pearl drums. From Masterworks to Pearl Forum drums, Pearl has a wide array of kits. Learn all the different kits Pearl makes!

Yamaha Drums - Yamaha makes soo many different things, that its hard to believe their musical instruments are superior. Read up on the history of Yamaha drums, and learn why they are leading the way in drum manufactoring.

DW drums (Drum Workshop) - DW drums are USA's number 1 manufacturer of drum hardware. Read up on the history of DW, and learn why the DW custom kits are a must have!

Ludwig Drums - With such a classic name as Ludwig, you would think they have been around forever. Read up on the history of Lugwig drums, and learn of all the many kits Ludgwig Makes.

Ayotte Drums - These handcrafted drums are best known for their wooden rims.

Taye Drums - This drum manufacturing company was pushed into popularity by the creator of Ayotte Drums.

Hardware Manufacturers

Axis Percussion - This drum hardware manufacturer was founded in 1990 by Darrell Johnston. Axis has a very unique "bullet proof design" with all of their aircraft grade aluminum drum hardware.

Cymbal Manufacturers

Sabain Cymbals - One of the largest cymbal manufacturers. Sabian has been making cymbals for years now, and with hundreds of drummers endorsing them, theres no wonder why they are so popular!

Zildjian Cymbals - One of the longest running percussion businesses to dateZildjian is by far the biggest cymbal manufacturer being around since the 1600's.

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