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DW Drums

DW drums, also known as Drum Workshop, are one of the more new drum manufacturing companies. They have easily become one of the leading American drum companies, paving the way for high quality drum hardware and shells. Founded in 1972 by 26 year old Don Lombardi, DW has grown into a huge drum division. Lombardi was a popular drum teacher that offered lessons, books, and other instructional material in his business. It wasn’t until he partnered up with his 17 year old student (John Good) when he started selling sticks, drums, and other hardware.

It wasn’t long before Good and Lombardi decided to improve the familiar drum equipment, and start creating new up to date pedals and stands. One of the first items they created was an adjustable trap drum stool. This was one of many DW things to hit the market in the early years. DW bought Camco Drum Company in 1977, and took over all of its tools and equipment. With this under their belt, the redesigned the Camco 5000 bass drum pedal, and renamed it DW 5000. This was a very popular chain and sprocket pedal system that is still the industry standard. This all happened in the 1980’s, where DW really grew in popularity. Before too long, DW had created the DW 5000 double bass pedal, which was taken very well in the community.

John Good is now one of the finest drum customizes around. Even to this day, DW is the leading manufacturer of custom drum kits. Starting out with a few a months, DW took no time in getting enough business to expand hugely into the custom drum category. With big names like Neil Peart supporting them, its no wonder why they are number one in USA drum manufactured sales. DW has a wide array of kits, wood and metal, that include the following. Keep in mind, most kits made by DW are custom, so there is not that many pre configured kits to buy. DW owns Pacific drums, which are the cheaper drum lines.

Pacific Drums

A complete set of drum styles and varieties owned by DW. Pacific drums are lower end drums that still offer great punch and bang for your buck. (See Pacific Drums)

Drum Workshop Custom Drums

DW specializes in custom drum sets. You will pay a lot more money, but get exactly what you want. There is a custom drum kit builder on their web page that allows you to build and create your own drum kit. They have many different woods to choose from, including Mahogany, Birch, Maple and more. With many different styles of lugs, hoops, finishes, lacquers, and sizes, there’s no end to the possibilities with different kits.

By:Dave Atkinson

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