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Zildjian Cymbals

Zildjian cymbals are the oldest brand of cymbals around – in fact; Avedis Zildjian is the oldest family owned business in America! With such a history, there’s no wonder why Zildjian is one of the top cymbal manufacturers in the world. Providing cymbals to professional drummers around the world, Zildjian has a powerful name behind them. So how did this booming business start, and how did they become so successful?

A Turkish man by the name of Avedis started making cymbals back in 1623. He was an alchemist in Constantinople, Turkey. His attempts to create gold by combining metals like copper, tin, and a silver alloy led to a unique sounding combination. This creation would eventually turn into the modern day cymbal. Back in the seventeenth century, these instruments were extremely popular, and Avedis eventually received the name Zildjian – which means cymbal maker. Of course now when you hear that name, you just think of cymbals. Generations and generations later, the Zildjian family still caries on the business of making cymbals.

Zildjian has a strong list of hundreds of professional drummers that endorse their brand of cymbals. Here is a small example of some of the professionals that use Zildjian brand cymbals: Travis Barker, Rick Allen, Alan White, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Elvin Jones, Jared Falk, and more! The list is so huge there is no way I can name them all, check out Zildjian’s main page to see the full list.

Zildjian has a very large selection of cymbals ranging from gongs to splashes. Zildjian also makes drum sticks, which they have a whole seperate following for! Their more common cymbals like the crashes, hi hats, and rides are categorized into a number of names. Here is a list of their most popular cymbals:

K Custom – Known as the modern jazz voice, these K custom cymbals are Rich, Dry, and Complex. They offer very personal sounds great for the jazz and Latin drummer.

K Series - Similar to the K Customs, these are Dark Warm and Expressive cymbals that are great for more than just jazz and Latin. These cymbals are classic cymbals made similar to the original Zildjian cymbals of their day.

A Custom – A Fast and modern cymbal made to perfection. The A customs are top of the line for Zildjian cymbals. They are award winning for their brilliance. These are perfect for modern music like rock and pop.

A Series – Again, similar to the A customs. These are the cymbals that started it all. The 300+ year old cymbal style is still being made to this day. A great sounding cymbal for modern music.

Z Custom – Like the A customs, but louder and more aggressive. The Z customs are thicker and sturdier. Better for louder rock and Metal music.

ZHT series – The ultimate in Sheet Bronze Cymbals. Machined with 88% Copper, 12% Tin, these cymbals are a great bargain for you dollar. With bold bright sounds, these cymbals sometimes come in packs.

ZBT Series – A crisp and clean cymbal that is very affordable. This type of cymbal usually comes in packs, which is perfect for the beginning drummer

By: Dave Atkinson

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