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How To Play Drums Like A Pro!

Learning how to play the drums is actually much easier than most people believe. In fact, if you can count to four - you have what it takes to play a simple rock groove. This website is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to learn how to play drums. By having these drum lessons online, you area able to access them virtually anywhere!


If you are a raw beginner - start out with our article on learning to play the drums. It will show you the basics of counting time, and how to use three limbs to create a standard rock beat. It may seem somewhat simplistic, but that's where everyone starts.

Once you have a basic feel for that groove - check out some of the other patterns in the drum beats section of this website. There you can learn how to play many more drum beats, fills, and other cool patterns.

Now that you can play some beginner beats, it's time you move onto some beginner drum fills. With this drum lesson you will be playing like an experienced drummer in no time.


Intermediate drummers may consider checking out the drum rudiments section to learn important concepts like the single stroke roll, double stroke roll, and single paradiddle. These are just a few of the key rudiments that pro drummers use on a daily basis to take their drumming to the next level (and it is highly recommended that you do the same).

You may also be interested in putting together a drum solo, or playing with a band. Check out those linked articles for more information.


If you already consider yourself an advanced drummer, but still want to learn more, you will be interested in learning advanced techniques like the moeller technique or the one handed drum roll. These methods are a great way to set yourself apart from other drummers.

Rock Drumming SystemComplete Video Training

If you are a visual learner, and prefer to see things taught in a step-by-step format, you will want to check out Jared Falk's complete Rock Drumming System. It contains beginner to advanced content that details exactly how to play hundreds of drum beats, fills, and more. This unique all-in-one solution includes four DVDs, four workbooks, and a playalong CD. With over 9.5 Hours of content!

You can find more tips on how to play drums on the original website.

*Note* Be sure to check out this new drum lessons website for more drum lessons and drumming resources.

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