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Taye Drums

Taye Drums, A family owned, Canadian custom drum manufacturing company was established in 1975. They stared out just supplying drum parts to other major drum manufacturing companies. Then when Ayotte Drums, and Ray Ayotte separated, Taye wasted no time recruiting the innovative custom drum builder onto their team.

Once Taye had Ray to guide them, they decided to become a completely independent drum manufacturer. All of their drum parts from their chrome hardware to their own drum heads are manufactured inside a Taye warehouse. They have over 20 drum features that no other drum company has. Some of these are the SideLatch Snare Release, Slide Track Tom Holder, PockitHinge bracket, and many more features.

Taye Drum Kits:

Taye Origional - These are one of a kind drum kits that Ray Ayotte creates, and are very limited edition drums.

Studio Maple – Created from North American Sugar Maple wood, with thin ruggid shells

Tour Pro - This is more of a vintage sounding drum kit. Made of a Birch and Basswood combination.

Go Kit – This drum kit was designed for the ultimate in portability. Ray Ayotte has designed this drum kit in such a way that the small size of the kit sacrifices very little tone.

Pro-X – This is a higher end rock drum set. You have a wide variety of drum sizes and color. A great overall drum kit

Rock-Pro – This was the first drum kit that Taye made. It is more of an introductory drum kit. The affordable pricing makes it great for beginners.


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