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Tama Drum Co. have been making drum kits for quite some time now, and although they may not be as popular and classic as Pearl, they definitely have got some backbone to their name. It all started with a group called the Hoshino Gakki Group. The Hoshino family owned and operated a family bookstore for many years out of Japan. In the year of 1908, Hoshino started selling musical instruments and other US made hardware. This included Ludwig and Slingerland drum equipment. It wasn’t until later, (mid 1950’s) when Hoshino decided to get into the drum manufacturing business.

During this time, the family business started producing drums under the name Hoshi, which means star in English. Hoshi changed his business name to Tama Seisakusho Inc. in 1962 when he started making guitar amps and guitars. You may notice that there weren’t any TAMA drum kits in the mid 50’s and 60’s, but that is because Hoshi only started using the TAMA name on drum kits in 1974.

Tama has led the way in drum hardware development. In fact Tama was the first company to create the boom stand, and multi clamps for cymbals. Because of the rise of rock music, sturdy hardware was in demand. Tama was constantly creating newer, more solid double braced cymbal stands and other sturdy equipment. Tama also created the Octobans, which are a series of small drums with a large body that produces octave range pitches. Many drummers such as Mike Portnoy and Stewart Copeland use these drums today!

Tama drums have had a solid name for a number of years. With its’ unique sound and solid design, it’s no wonder why they are one of the top drum manufacturers in the world today! Tama has a wide array of drum kits, ranging from beginner to professional. Here is a list of their current drum sets.

Starclassic Maple

5,6, and 7 ply maple shells. A great professional sounding drum set. Die cast hoops, minimum shell contact, and minimum shell contact. More costly choice, but great drum kit.

Starclassic Performer

Great mid range kit, great for performances.6-ply birch shells, with 7-ply Bass Drum. Drum adjustability, die cast hoops, and great sound!

Starclassic Performer EFX

Similar to the Starclassic Performer, but with an air seal bass drum. Great for style, performance, and sound.

Superstar Custom

Mid to lower range drum set. Birch and Basswood Shell. Great sounding intermediate kit with tons of finishes and colors.

Superstar EFX

Similar to the Superstar Custom, this Birch and Basswood shell drum set is a great entry level performer kit. Great sound with great affordability.


Made from Philippine mahogany wood, this entry level kit packs a punch. Great price with a great sound.


Your best bet for an entry level total drum kit. This comes with everything you need, including a bass drum beater. Decent sound, great price.


Smaller drum set. 5 piece kit can fit into smaller cramped locations. Great for students and people with tight budgets.

Tama Rhythm Watch - Tama is also known for producing this amazing all in one metronome.

By:Dave Atkinson

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