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Axis Percussion

Axis Percussion has specialized strictly in creating the fastest, and most durable bass drum pedals possible. They set themselves apart with their aircraft grade aluminum, and virtually indestructible design. The way that Axis bass pedals were designed, you will never need to maintain or replace your drum pedal ever.

Axis Percussion was founded in 1990 in Carson, California by Darrell Johnston. Darrell started playing drums when he was just 12 years old and was a drum instructor when he was just 19 years old. When Darrell was 22 he figured that he didn’t have the skill to make it as a popular drummer, so he went to work for a gunsmith. He did many jobs and built experience in the machine shop. One day it occurred to him that he could easily create his own bass drum pedals with the amount of experience that he had.

In 1989 Darrell had created his first bass drum pedal for an acoustic bass drum. Although the design of this particular pedal didn’t work out, it gave Darrell Johnston great motivation to continue designing bass drum pedals.

A year later, in 1990, Darrell designed the Axis bass drum pedal as we know it today. He originally designed 20 of them, he gave one to Modern Drummer, and the other 19 he gave to drummers that had helped him develop this product. After Modern Drummer fully reviewed his bass drum pedals, Darrell instantly got enough orders to keep him and his staff busy for the next three years, just trying to keep up with the massive amount of orders.

Now, over 17 years later, Axis Percussion is still known for their bulletproof designs, and great value. Axis Percussion has hosted the Worlds Fastest Drummer competitions at NAMM for the last 4 years and they are clearly known for having the fastest pedals available.

Here is a list of all current Axis Products:

Axis A Single Pedal (AX-A) – This is the original design that was introduced in 1990. Today Axis Percussion has sold over 40,000 of these pedals and this particular model has set the tone for all other axis products.

Axis A2 Double Pedal (AX-A2) – This pedal is the double pedal version of the Axis A pedal. Axis Percussion has spent a lot of effort in the shaft design to link both pedals and this design is unlike any other double pedal in the industry.

Axis X Single Pedal (AX-X) – This line of pedals is very similar to the A series of pedals except instead of having a variable drive adjustment, the X series has a fixed point strap.

Axis X Double Pedal (AX-X2) – This pedal is the double pedal version of the Axis X pedal. It has the same efficient shaft design that the A series of pedals has.

Axis Longboards (A-L), (A-L2), (X-L), and (X-L2) – Basically you can order any of the above mentioned bass drum pedals with Axis’s legendary “longboards” The main difference between these and the standard pedals is that you get an added 1-2 inches of foot board. Instead of having your heel flat on the floor, it will still stay on the footboard. The whole foot surface is on an angle with the bass drum.

Axis X Hi-Hat Pedal (AX-XHH) and (AX-LHH) – This Axis Hi –Hat stand is a light and very responsive hi-hat stand. This design is great for drummers who want a light weight, yet very durable hi-hat stand. Its great for touring because just like all other axis pedals you know that you wont be able to break this bulletproof piece of machinery. Also, it looks great if you pair it with your Axis double pedals. There is also an available longboard version of this hi-hat stand.

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