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Ayotte Custom Drums - The Ayotte Drum Company

Ayotte Custom Drums

Ayotte Drums are a Canadian drum manufacturing company founded by Ray Ayotte in 1982. Ray led the Ayotte Drum Company into popularity with his innovative and creative drum designs.

In the year 2000 Ayotte Drums and Ray Ayotte parted ways, some people think that Ray was fired, and some people think that Ray didn’t like working with the board of directors for various reasons. Later in the year Ray started working for Taye Drums (another Canadian custom drum company).

Ayotte Drums are most known for their wooden hoops on their drum kits. Many drummers refuse to play on anything other than wooden rims once they have been able to play a drum kit with them. Ayotte claims that every drum, although entirely hand crafted, are within 3/1000 of an inch to the original drum specs.

Ayotte Drums are well known as an affordable high-end drum kit manufacturer. They are one of the few companies that actually make their own drum shells in house, which makes them stand out as a premiere drum company.

Here is a list of their current drum sets.

Ayotte Custom – The custom line of drums is just that, custom, you name it, any color, any drum. Here are some of the most common options

Ayotte Custom Snare – Hoops: Steel or wood. Diameter: 10-15 Inches. Depth: 3-12 Inches. Shell Plies: 6-50 Layers. Over 300 possible configurations.

Ayotte Custom Toms – Hoops: Steel or wood. Diameter: 6-20 Inches. Depth: 3-12 Inches. Ply: 6-50 layers.

Ayotte Custom Kick Drums – Hoops: Wood. Diameter: 14-26 Inches. Depth: 8-24 inches.

Ayotte Pro – This line of drums is manufactured in the same wareshouse as the custom drums, its simply just the most common drums from the Ayotte Custom Line.

Ayotte Pro Snare – Wood or steel Hoops. 10 Ply. 14x6 Inches.

Ayotte Pro Toms – Wood or steel hoops. 8x8, 10x8, 12x9, 14x13, or 16x15 Inches.

Ayotte Pro Kick Drums – Wood Hoops. 18x16, 18x18, 20x16, 20x18, 22x16, or 22x18 Inches

Ayotte Velvet – This is Ayotte’s version of a mass produced line of drums.

Ayotte Keplinger Snares – These snares, which were created by Greg Keplinger, were designed to create a more punchy “in your face” than anyone has ever heard before. The 3mm stainless steel construction makes it easier to emphasize techniques like cross-sticking and rim shots.

All Ayotte drums come stock with Remo Heads


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