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Biography On Mike Michalkow

Mike Michalkow is a rapidly growing drummer in the music scene. His years of playing, teaching, and recording are being highlighted throughout the drumming community. Having played with some of the most recognized drummers in the industry, Mikes career has definitely been a success. It doesn’t stop there either, Mike continues to perform and learn new tricks as he moves ahead as a musician.

Growing up in Winnipeg, Mike first started drumming at the age of 17; which by most professionals is rather old. He started out playing heavy rock, punk, and pop music. It wasn’t until he got accepted into Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, where he really started to take music more seriously. Although he originally played mainly rock beats, he graduated top of the class in Latin and Jazz. Mike has since been to many clinics, such as the Drummers Collective, to improve his skills.

In 1994, Mike moved to Vancouver BC. This is where his career really started to take off. It was in this time where mike met and took lessons from famous drummers, such as: John Fisher, Jim Chapin, Chuck Silverman, Peter Magadini, Virgil Donati and Dom Famularo. During this time mike played in cover bands as well as some orchestras. Mike has also played in the Vancouver International Drum Festival consecutively for the last 5 years.

Mike is sponsored by Yamaha Drums, and has a variety of kits. He currently plays a mix between and Oak, Beech, and Maple Custom, all with a brilliant sparkle finish. Mike Michalkow is also sponsored by Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, and Hansen Futz Practice Pedals.

Mike has been teaching percussion for years now, and is well known in the community for his abilities to interact well with students. Because of his outgoing personality, Mike has been a favorite for Drum clinics all around North America. In addition, Mike has been in a few drumming DVD’s, including his self made- “Moeller Method Secrets”. In this DVD Mike not only shows his skills with stick control, he also displays his ability to “jam” with very talented musicians!

All in all, Mike Michalkow is drummer still growing in skill and popularity. He is an extremely friendly man, easy to get along with, and easy to learn from. Given all this, plus his experience with well known drummers, Mike is definitely one to be noted in the modern music industry, to learn more about Mike and his Music, check out his website at, or his new DVD Moeller Method Secrets. Or check out these articles on the Moeller method.

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By: Dave Atkinson

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