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Beginner Information

Drum Beats - Learn the many ways you can teach yourself new and unique drum beats! A must for any drummer of any skill level!

Essential Drum Skills and Techniques - Here is a list of the most essential drum skills and techniques every drummer must know. A must for every drummer of all skill levels!

The Art of Rock Drumming - Learn how to master the art of rock drumming in this extremely informative article!

A Beginners Guide To Rock Drum Lessons - What makes a good rock drum lesson? How do you balance having fun and progressing as a musician?

Is Drum Tuition For You? - Drum Tuition may cost alot of money, but is it worth it in the long run? There are many benefits from this, and can be very usefull!

Learn How to Find Gigs as a Drummer - This article will help you find gigs and land jobs as a drummer! Make sure you follow these steps!

Learn The Benefits Of Drumming - Here is how drumming can help!

Drum Lessons - Learn all the different forms of drum lessons available. Should you fork out the money, or try a more revolutionary approach?

Improving Your Drumming

Learn why you should learn Latin and Jazz drumming - Learing these styles of music will increase your drumming all around, and get you more work as a drummer!

Improve Your Groove By Playing With Dynamics - What is it that separates professional drummers from the beginners? Learn to sound like the professionals!

Add Spice And Creativity To Your Drum Beats - Tired of playing the same old beats? Sometimes as drummers we just need some fresh ideas to mixing things up.

Drastically Improve Your Bass Drum Speed And Control - This article outlines some of the concepts I've used over the years, and how much they've helped me!

Learn The Proper Posture For a Drummer - Learn the right way to sit at your drum set! Find the most comfortable playing position that you can have.

Develop Drumming Hand Speed, Power, And Control! - You can play each stroke using your wrists, your fingers, or combinations of both.

Save Valuable Practice Time With These Tips - These tips apply to any drum book, so keep them in mind no matter what you are studying!

A Few More Valuable Practicing Tips - Here are a few more practicing tips! No matter how long you have been drumming for, everyone needs practice!

Tools For Drumming

Practice Pad Use - Most drummers own, or have heard of the practice pad.  It is basically an imitation drum, designed to play and feel like a drum.

Learn How To Play The Drums With A Metronome - Learn how to play the drums with a metronome. Playing with a click track is one of the most important practice routines!

Learn Why Drum Rudiments Are So Important - Drum Rudiments are the most important aspect to drumming.  They are the fundamentals to all percussion!

Drum Equipment

Cymbal Care and Cleaning - Learn valuable tips on cleaning and caring for your cymbals! This guide will save you money and stress by keeping your cymbals in tact!

Save Your Money With These Drum Kit Buying Tips - Take the frusteration out of shopping, and learn what to look for in a drum kit!

Kit Setup Size: BIG vs. Small - There is so many different options these days as far as getting a drumkit. Do you get a huge one, or a small one?

Double Bass Drums Vs. Double Bass Pedals - Learn the advantages and disadvantages of double bass drums, and double bass pedals!

Selecting The Right Drumstick - With all the different varieties and brands of drum sticks on the market today, you need to make sure youre playing the right ones for you!

Selecting The Right Drum Tip- Thats right, you have to make sure you get the right tip for your stick as well!

Understanding Drum Heads- How do they work? What makes them ring. This will let you in on everything you wanted to know about Drum Heads.

Selecting The Best Drum Head - So how do we make sure our drums sound the best they can for the style of drums that we play?

Get The Best Sound From Your Bass Drum - Learn how to get your bass drum sounding the way that you want it to sound!

Double Bass Pedal Buyers Guide - Before you go out and purchase a pair of double bass pedals, you may want to read this guide on what to look for in a double bass pedal

Playing With A Band

Learn What Bands Look For In A Drummer - Some drummers lack certain qualities that leaders are looking for. Here are 10 things you can do to make that better first impression.

Tips For Overcoming Pre-Show Jitters - Here are a few tips on overcoming that nervous feeling you get before a show!

Learn to Add Drum Showmanship - Learn how to play common song finishers that will leave your audiance in awe!

History Of Drum Techniques

History Of The Moeller Method - The Moeller method is one of the most popular drum techniques, but where did it come from?

Famous Drummer Biographys

Mike Michalkow - Mike Michalkow is a well known drummer in the drumming community. His skill and abilites cannot be ignored!

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