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Drum-Related Product Reviews

Snare Drum Reviews

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau Snare - Yamaha makes a solid line of drum and percussion hardware, but how are they at fine tuning snares? Read up on their Maple Custom series!

Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - WIth such a history as Ludwig, you would think their drums are top of the line. But are they? Read to find out.

Drum Pedal Reviews

Axis Longboards Double Pedals - Axis has been around for many years making solid drum accessories with designs that are not only unique, but very efficient.

Yamaha Flying Dragon Double Pedals - The Yamaha Flying Dragon series may be what you are looking for. With a solid background, Yamaha easily holds up with the competition.

Electric Drum Set Reviews

Roland TD-6SW V-Drums - Electric drums are becoming more and more popular. Read up on one of the top V-drum manufacturers kits!

Practice Pad Reviews

Classic RealFeel Practice Pad - The ReelFeel line of practice pads is one of the most popular solutions for practical use among drummers.

RTOM Moongel Workout Pad - This practice pad offers more than just practice, instead it offers you a workout. Is it worth buying? Is it actually durable?

Sabian Quiet Tone Practice Pad - How does Sabian's Quiet Tone pad stack up compared to the other practice pads in the market?

Cymbal Reviews

Sabian B8 Cymbal Pack - With 3 cymbals and a hard carrying case all included for a small price, can these cymbals be any good? I rip into these and offer my review!

Sabian HHX Cymbal Review - One of Sabians highest quality cymbals is the HHX series. Click to see why!

Metronome Reviews

Qwik Time Digital Metonome - Every drummer must own a metronome, as it is their job to keep others in time. Read up on Qwik times affordable option!

Beat Bug - This protable tempo reader can clip right to your snare drum, measuring your speed in real time! But does it work as well as we want it to?

Tama Rhythm Watch - Check out Tama's solution to the drummers metronome. A more costly option, but loaded with features.

General Drum Equipment Reviews

Mighty Grip Drum Glove - Having problems holding your drum sticks? Then maybe this new product is for you!

Evans Bass Drum EQ Pad - Does your bass drum have too much resonance? Does The Evans EQ Pad actually help remove resonance and still keep tone?

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner - You will be hard pressed to find a cymbal cleaning solution that is easier to use than Groove Juice.

Rhythm Tech Tambourine - Adding this percussion peice to any drum set will definetly spice up your creativity. But does Rhytm Tech hit the mark with their tambourine?

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