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Here are other drum related websites that may be of interest to you.

Drumming System - Home of Mike Michalkow's complete Drumming System!

How To Drum - Learn how to play the drums with these great free drum lessons.

Learning Drums - Find your rhythm and begin learning the drums now!

Moeller Method DVD - Mike Michalkow's Moeller Technique training video.

Moeller Method Articles - Information about the infamous moeller method.

Moeller Technique Article - Details about the popular Moeller technique.

Drum Set Techniques - Downloadable instructional video packs

Bass Drum Secrets - Advanced speed, power, and control video lessons.

Bass Drum Speed Articles - Tips and tricks for single and double bass.

Drum Solo System - A site about the future drum solo training system.

Drum Lessons - Site with free drum lessons and related drum articles.

One Handed Drum Roll - An excellent drum solo ideas for creative drummers.

One Handed Roll Articles - Information about drum roll techniques and methods.

Learn To Play Drums - Simple website with drum lesson tips.

Heel-Toe Technique - A unique bass drum method.

Drum Rudiment System - Simple way to learn drum rudiments.

Jazz Drumming Secrets - Learn to play Jazz drum beats.

Learn Church Sound - Free Articles For Church Audio Engineers

Moeller Technique - Learn the amazing Moeller drum technique.

Drum Lessons - Learn how to play the drums with these tips.

...and don't forget to check out the complete Rock Drumming System
homepage if you are interested in learning how to play drums like a pro!

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