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Drumming System - Learn how to play drums using this 20 DVD, 15 CD, 5 workbook training drum lesson DVD package!

General Drum Lessons

How To Play Drums - Learning how to play the drums is actually much easier than most people believe. In fact, if you can count to four - you have what it takes to play a simple rock groove. This website is dedicated to providing you with everything you need.

How To Learn New Drum Beats - This lesson will teach you the many ways you can go about learning new and unique drum beats!

How To Play A Drum Solo - Soloing is the number one way for drummers to express themselves. Every drummer wants to be able to wow the audience with a fat drum solo. But do you really now how to build a proper solo?

Drum DVD Reviews - Our Drum Lesson Reviews feature 5 of the top drum instructional products available on the market today. Check it out and see which one is right for you!

How To Tune Your Drums - Tuning your drums is vital in getting the maximum sound and life out of your drum heads. With drums not tuned, your drum kit will sound out of pitch, and your heads will be more susceptible to damage.

Learn How to Play Drum Fills and Breaks - Drum Fills and Drum Breaks are a fun aspect of drummign all drummer like to play. Learn how to play them the right way here!

How To Play A Drum Roll - Drum Roll Please! Have you ever heard this saying before? Chances are you have. But as a drummer, are you ready to respond to that question? Playing a drum roll is an essential aspect that all drummers must master.

Learn To Play with Brushes - Learn to play the drums with brushes. Playing brushes adds a completely new dynamic to your sound.

Learn To Play Drums - Do you want to learn how to play the drums? Think it may be too difficult or require a lot of coordination? I've got great news for you! The truth of the matter is - if you can count to four, you can play the drums!

Rock Drumming Beats - There are alot of rock drumming beats out there. Learning them all will increase your skills in many areas!

Advanced Drum Lessons

Advanced Double Bass Drum Fills - This is a great pattern to learn if you are wanting to expand your creativity with the double bass pedal!

Learn the definition of a Triplet - What are triplets? This lessons will teach you the true meaning of a triplet and why athey are so important to learn.

Learn to PLay Triplet Fills - Add spice and flavor to any fill with triplets. These fills can be played in any song style.

Learn the Definition of the Clave - What is the clave? If you want to learn Latin music, you must completely understand the clave!

Learn the Left Foot Clave - Adding the clave groove to any beat will spice things up alot. Playing with your left foot will allow you to play so much more!

Master the Moeller Method - Learn the proper steps in mastering the Moeller method! Learn the Full stroke, Up stroke, and tap stroke in this article!

Learn How to Play Ghost Notes - Learn proper song dynamics, and stick control when you learn how to play Ghost notes!

Learn How to Play the Double Bass Drum - Learn the basic double bass drumming beat.

Learn How to Play a Polyrhythm - Learn the definition of a polyrhythm, and how to play a basic polyrhythm. Take your drumming to a new Level!

Developing the Jazz / Swing Feel - Learn how to count the basic jazz swing feel. This triplet beat can be a little tricky, so count out loud...

Drum Rudiments

How To Play Drum Rudiments - Drum Rudiments are the most important aspect to drumming. They are the fundamentals to all percussion, and should not be ignored.

How To Play A Single Stroke Roll video- One of the most essential rudiments drummers must know. It is what most beats, fills, and solos are constructed from.

How To Play A Double Stroke Roll video- This is something every drummer must master, as it wil build key muscles for independence. This is the second most important rudiment that you can learn

How To Play A Single Paradiddlevideo- A Very popular and essential rudiment. This pattern will teach you stick independence. It uses the single stroke roll and the double stroke roll.

How To Play the Double Paradiddle video- The double paradiddle is just as important as the single paradiddle. Make sure you learn this rudiment!

How To Play A Flam Stroke video- The flam is a very popular rudiment, played by most to add character, and personally to a beat. Very important to practice if you want to work on stick control!

How To Play A Single Stroke Four video- This is a very basic rudiment that is very powerful when put in its place!

How To Play A Triple Stroke Roll video- The triple stroke roll is a very important rudiment to learn. Take the time to practice it!

How To Play A Five Stroke Roll - The 5 stroke roll is a great rudiment to practice if you want to develop your stick control!

How To Play A Single Stroke Seven - Similar to the single stroke 4, this rudiment is another pattern that every drummer should know!

How To Play A Multiple Stroke (Buzz) Roll - A multiple stroke roll, also known as a buzz roll, is a fun rudiment to learn!

How To Play A Six Stroke Roll - What is a six stroke roll any ways? Click on this lesson to learn this powerful rudiment!

How To Play A Seven Stroke Roll - Learn the seven stroke roll and start developing your stick control and independence.

How To Play A Nine Stroke Roll - Lean what a nine stroke roll is and why it is so important to practice!

How To Play A Thirteen Stroke Roll - Learn what a thirteen stroke roll is and why it is so important to practice!

How To Play A Fifteen Stroke Roll - Learn what a fifteen stroke roll is and how to practice it effectively!

Drum Techniques

How To Hold Drumsticks - Proper Stick Grip is one of the most essential skills all drummers must have. Getting the most bounce and response from your sticks all starts with how you hold your them. So take a look, and see if you are doing it right!

Learn to Develop Hi Hat Control - Having complete control of your hi hats is a very important thing to learn as a drummer.

Learn How Drummers Warm Up - Learn some key warm up and stretching excercises for drummers. This will allow you to drum for longer periods of time. Save your self from arthritis and other pain down the road!

Find The Fulcrum Point On Your Drumtick - Learn what a fulcrum point is and where to find it. This is soo important for drummers to be able to find this balancing point. Imagine playing the rums with maximum stick bounce!

Learn The Proper Posture For a Drummer - Learn the right way to sit at your drum set! From how you hold your arms, to how high you sit on your drum stool, all are Very important to getting the right sound out of your kit!

Learn to Use Cross Sticking - Cross Sticking is a great technique that all drummers should know. Get the best sound out of your rim shots!

Reading Sheet Music

How To Count Time As A Drummer - One of the main jobs as a drummer, is to be able to count, and stay in time. This is the one skill that most musicians need to have in a drummer. Learn how to count all regular, and odd time signatures.

How To Read Drum Notation And Sheet Music - Music theory is something most drummers do not consider learning. However, as musicians, it is vital to learn the basics. This will teach you note values, as well as othe key points to music theory!

How To Read Rests - Wondering what those squiggly lines are in some of your music? They may be rests. Read this article to learn about all the different rests, and what they all look like!

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