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Learn How To Play Drums - Beginner Lesson

Do you want to learn how to play drums? Think it may be too difficult or require a lot of coordination? I've got great news for you! The truth of the matter is - if you can count to four, you can play the drums! Before you start playing basic beats and grooves, check out this article on some of the basic essential skills every drummer should know!

Virtually all major rock beats are built around basic 4/4 time signature. What that basically means is that each measure or bar of music is split into four quarter notes. Here is how you would count a measure of 4/4.

Drum Notation

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Now, that top row of "X" symbols represent the hi-hats on the drum set (learn how to read drum notation). You will find that the hi-hats are the foundation of most basic rock drumming beats as they typically hold a steady pulse while other limbs fill in on the snare drum and bass drum. So, this would be counted - one, two, three, four (tip: always count out load when first learning a new drum beat or pattern).

Here's how you can learn to play this drum beat right now without even having a drum kit. Sit up straight, now, just use your right hand (or left if you are left handed) to play the simple hi-hat pattern by hitting any surface within arms reach. Count as you do it - one, two, three, four. Simple enough so far? It is usually a good idea to play drums with a metronome or click track, if you are serious about drumming you might want to look into getting a basic metronome.

Ok, next we need to incorporate the kick drum - which you can just emulate with by stomping your foot on the floor. Here is the pattern you will be playing.

Drum Notation

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As you can see, the kick drum is represented by a note in the lowest space in the measure. Start out by just tapping your right hand as you count the four quarter notes. Then add in the kick drum (typically played with the *right* foot) on the one and three counts of the measure.

Next, we will take out the kick drum and instead play the snare drum on the two and four counts. Here is what it looks like in standard drum notation.

Drum Notation

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If you have been tapping with your right hand (as most all right handed drummers do), then you would use your left hand to play the snare drum. Of course, left handed drummers can do the opposite. Do the same exercise we did for the bass drum pattern. Count the four quarter notes, and then begin adding the snare shots on the two and four counts by tapping on another surface within reach.

Finally, after you have mastered the snare and bass drum patterns separately - it's time to merge them together. Below is the sheet music for one of the most standard rock drum beats there is..

Drum Notation

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This drum beat will get a little bit more complicated, but should be fairly straight forward if you have practiced the other patterns already. Start out by playing just the hi-hat strokes. Then, add in the bass drum on the one and three counts. Finally, add in the snare on the two and four counts to complete the beat.

Congratulations! You can now play a standard rock drumming beat! It's time to take what you've learned in this drum lesson to the full drum set. Check out the complete Rock Drumming System to learn hundreds of beats, fills, and solo-building patterns from the comfort of your own home!

To the sucess of your drumming career,

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P.S. - The art of drumming poses a huge variety of benefits in all aspects of day to day life. Most of the skills and techniques learned with drumming can be applied to other situations. And for all the parents with hyper active kids, drumming just may be the solution to bringing back the focus in your young ones. So before you judge drumming, know that there are many benefits of learning the drums.

P.S.S - You can find more tips on how to learn to play drums on Drum

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