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Learn How To Play A Double Stroke Roll

Another essential rudiment drummers must know is the double stroke roll. Like the Single Stroke Roll, a lot of drum beats and fills are created with the double stroke roll. It may seem like a very simple pattern to most, and it is; however, you must master the basics before you can move on to the more advanced. A lot of drummers will overlook the double stroke roll, thinking they already know it, and therefore do not practice it. You should never stop practicing the double stroke roll.

This rudiment not only builds stamina and speed, but it also works more on stick control, and wrist independence. It is a little trickier to master than the single stroke roll, but can be far more beneficial when you do. You can use this technique in most places you use would normally you the single stroke roll, cutting your movement down in half. This will allow for faster grooves, and more stamina on your drum kit.

With all rudiments we will start with proper stick grip. Without proper stick grip, you will have uneven strokes that sound more like a flam than a roll. Also, you will find you have more endurance and control when you are holding the sticks right. The principle is the same either way you hold your sticks. If you are using matched grip, you will want to try and make your weaker hand copy your dominant hand exactly – this is the same with the French grip. If you are using the traditional grip, you may notice your left hand must move in a different way then your right. Stick independence will come in time, and that is why you are practicing the double stroke roll.

The Double Stroke Roll

There are two ways to do the double stroke roll. There is the bounce back – where you hit the drum once and allow your stick to bounce back. Or you can use your wrists – where you physically hit the drum twice with each hand. Both are good techniques with plusses for each, and should be practiced equally. The trick to mastering the double stroke roll is to try and make both strokes and both hands, sound the same. Close your eyes and listen, do they sound the same?

To figure out the double stroke roll, start out slow and with always play with a metronome. Really try and get a feel for the stick. Simply hit your Practice Pad, and allow your drum stick to bounce a few times. This will get you used to the feel of your stick bouncing back. For using your wrists, again, start out slow. Simply double the single stroke roll, alternate each hand hitting the pad twice. This would look like this:

Practicing the double stroke roll with accents is a great way to develop independence. Try these few examples with Accents.

The double stoke roll is harder to achieve then the single stroke roll. So do not get down on yourself if you cannot do the doubles as fast as you can the singles. Once you have learned the double stroke roll, you will find most of the other rudiments come a lot easier then before. This is because a lot of the other rudiments use the fundamentals learned from the double stroke roll. Remember, use proper stick technique, and make sure that you tune your drums before applying the double stroke roll to your kit. Once you have developed this technique to the point that you are happy with it, you can start working on the single paradiddle.

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