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Basic to Advanced Drum Beats

Drum Lessons - was created to help you reach your drumming goals. Take the techniques and patterns you learn, and have a lot of fun with them!

Drum Beats - Learn how to play infinite drum beats with Mike Michalkow's complete Drumming System!

Drum Beats - Learn how to teach yourself a number of different drum beats with this easy to follow lesson!

Basic Rock Drumming Beats - Rock drumming is one of the most rewarding genres to play.  You can go many directions with rock drumming, as you hear in a variety of songs today. 

Learn The Money Beat - The money beat! This pattern is the base of all 4/4 pop, rock, and country beats. You will be suprised at how many songs use this beat, and thus, is called the Money Beat! Learn it for yourself!

The Shuffle Beat - Learn how to groove with this basic shuffle pattern. Learn how to develope triplet independance on your drums with this blues drum beat!

Eighth Note Bass Drum Beats - These rock beats are very basic beats that are distinguished by changing around your bass drum pattern. Your hi hat and snare will stay constant, but your bass drum will add spice and groove your beat!

Eighth Note Snare Drum Beats - These rock beats are very basic beats, that are distinguished by changing around your snare drum pattern. Like the Bass drum beats, get a whole new feel just by changing your snare around!

Rock Beats in 7/8 - Learn how to play a basic rock drumming beat in the odd time signature of 7/8. A very nice pattern to learn and understand!

Linear Drum Beats - Learn how to play linear drum beats with this easy to follow lesson guide. Linear patterns are becoming quite popular these days...

Two Handed Rock Beats - Learn how to play advanced rock beats with both hands. These grooves open the doors to a variety of different techniques...

Video Drum Lessons - Learn how to play a variety of different beats with this all new drumming resource. Experiment with these beats, and see where they work best!

Jazz Drum Beats

Learn How To Be A Jazz Drummer - Jazz drumming can be the most artistic form of drumming out there. It can also be one of the trickiest forms to learn!

Learn How to Play the Basic Jazz Groove video- Learn how to play the most essential jazz drumming swing groove.

Learn How to Play the 5/4 Jazz Swing Groove - Learn how to play the famous 5/4 jazz groove. This style of jazz is incredibly popular, and should be mastered by any musician!

Latin Drum Beats

Learn How To Be A Latin Drummer - Learning how to play Latin music is very beneficial for any drummer.

Learn How To Play the Salsa - The Salsa is a very popular style of music, one that every drummer must learn!

Learn the Definition of the Clave - What is the clave? If you want to learn Latin music, you must completely understand the clave!

Learn to Play the Bossa Nova - Learn this Brazilian style of music. The Bossa Nova is a highly respected style of music that is very fun to play!

Learn to Play the Samba - The Samba is similar to the Bossa Nova, but much more upbeat! The Samba is a very popular Latin style to learn!

Learn to Play the 6/8 Afro Cuban (Bembe) Beat - The Bembe is a unique style of drumming done in the time singature of 6/8.

Learn to play the Cascara Groove video- The Cascara is a pattern similar to the clave. This 2 bar pattern can played forwards or backwards...

Heavy Metal Drum Beats

Learn How To Be A Heavy Metal Drummer - There are many types of metal music to learn. Whether its death metal, thrasher metal, or heavy metal, they all have the same techniques about them.

Punk Rock Drum Beats

Learn How To Be A Punk Rock Drummer - Learning how to keep up with the speed and diversity of punk rock drumming is very rewarding. The speed you will develop on your bass drum and sticks will improve your playing in all other styles of music.

Learn How To Play Basic Punk Rock Beats
- This lesson will teach you some of the basic punk orck beats that every drummer should know!


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