Rock Drumming System

Rock Drumming Beats

A rock drummer must have many different beats and fills up his sleeve in order to successfully make it in music. So what kind of rock drumming beats out there should he know? Well the answer is very simple – all of them. There is no end to the amount of rock drumming beats out there, saying that there is no reason why you cannot learn them all. Most rock drumming beats and fills are just variations of each other; however each variation has its place in rock music. Practicing them all is the only way to guarantee you the edge over all the other rock drummers out there!

The most common form of rock drumming beats is in the time signature of 4/4. Because this is the most popular, it is also known as common time. Check out this basic beat, as it is one of the first beat most rock drummers tackle. From here, you can easily change the whole feel of the song by doing a number of things. First off, you can add accents into the beat. This changes the dynamics and feel of the beat, changing it drastically. Secondly, you can add snare and bass drum beats to where there is available space. Doing these two things really changes the pattern and the song big time.

When you hear the words rock drumming beats, you might think of loud and heavy drumming. This is not the case at all! Rock drumming beats include all sorts of drum patterns. In fact, a lot of rock drumming beats is also used in pop, country, contemporary, and even some Latin music. In Jared Falk’s Rock Drumming System, he teaches literally hundreds of rock drumming beats, patterns and fills. A lot of drummers feel they want more than just rock drumming in an instructional video set. The truth is, you learn a lot more than just rock drumming in this set, as you would learn any rock drumming exercise. Like I said before, most rock drumming beats can be used in any other style of music, making it a huge benefit to learn. The skills and techniques you learn when playing rock beats can be applied in all styles of music.

This is why learning fundamental rock drumming beats is so important. Look at this beat below, it is a fairly simple drumming beat. It includes the bass drum, snare drum, and hi hat, all in 4/4 time. Playing this with a faster tempo will improve your bass drum speed, as well as your feet / hand independence.

With all the variety of rock drumming beats out there, there is so much you can learn. The example above is just one of many styles you can play that will improve your overall drumming as a rock drummer. In addition, it is always good to have a full set of beats and patterns under your belt. Being a drummer in this day and age is a very competitive business to be apart of. Knowing a large number of beats, especially rock drumming beats, will definitely give you the edge over the rest. The best way to achieve this is by surrounding yourself in a large variety of drum beats. Jared Falk’s Rock Drumming System is perfect for this. With over 500 beats played in two different tempo’s each, there is so much that you can learn and apply to any style of music.

By: Dave Atkinson

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