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Learn How To Play Linear Drum Beats

Playing linear drum beats to rock music is not uncommon at all. In fact, most new rock music is taking advantage of this unique style of drumming in order to keep their songs fresh and appealing. Latin music is another style that maximizes the effectiveness of linear drumming. Most drummers can play linear grooves whether they know it or not. Linear beats can be very easy to play, however they can also be very complex. Like most styles of drumming, linear patterns have their pros and cons. Let’s take a few seconds to learn how to play linear drumming in our beats and patterns.

So what is linear drumming then? Well, linear drum beats are patterns in which no limbs line up. This means you never hit you left hand, right hand, or feet together at the same time. This may sound like a weird concept to most, but it is actually very fun to play. These beats are played to add creativity and variety to a song, since you do not have to hear the monotonous hi hat or ride pattern throughout the whole song.

Try playing linear beats in your day to day playing. Do not worry about keeping the whole pattern linear, or you could end up sounding bad. If you have to kick or crash at the same time as a snare hit, then go ahead. The whole job of a drummer is to make sure the song sounds good, and flows. So if you are sacrificing the sound in order to keep the groove linear, stop right away!

Try these next examples of linear drum beats. Start with just your hi hat and snare. Then, when you have this, add in your bass drum. Make sure they do not line up! Once you have these next few beats down, try to improvise on your own unique linear patterns! Try to add this concept into your soloing, and rock drumming! If you are hacing trouble reading these patterns, check out this lesson on understanding sheet music!

By: Dave Atkinson

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