Rock Drumming System

Selecting The Right Drumstick Tip

Choosing your drum stick can be a hard decision.  But what about choosing the right tip?  Now I do not mean whether to go nylon or wood,  I’m talking about the shape of the tip.  Like the stick itself, the tips come in many different shapes and sizes – each possessing their own feel, and sound! Here are a few different tips you may find on most sticks.

Oval Drum Stick TipOval Drumstick Tip

  • A well rounded tip, used for most styles
  • Produces a warmer tone, with great bounce
  • Has a softer tone, and a lighter feel

Mushroom Drum Stick TipMushroom Drumstick Tip

  • One the most common tips for rock drumming
  • Produces a louder, full sound, with decent response
  • Fairly durable, and well balanced

Fat Drum Stick TipFat Drumstick Tip

  • A very durable tip, used for louder, or corps drumming
  • Produces a loud full sound, slightly heavier tip
  • Great for cymbal crashing, hard on drum skins

Ball Drum Stick TipBall Drumstick Tip

  • Common with jazz drumming, or snare drumming
  • Produces a crisp, bright sound. Great for Cymbals
  • Excellent bounce and response, with a weaker tip

Nylon Drum Stick TipNylon Drumstick Tip

  • Excellent for electric drum sets
  • Produces Brilliant crisp tones. Great for cymbals
  • More Durable then wood tips

These are just some of the different types of tips you may see on drum sticks. Like usual, be sure to give them all a try! Each one has its one place in the percussion world, so do not limit yourself to one. Go check out the article on different drumstick sizes for more information.

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