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Evans Bass Drum EQ Pad - Drum Review

Does your bass drum have too much resonance? Many drummers try to keep a pillow or towel up against the head to help deaden the sound, but this can be inconsistent. If you are gigging the pillow or towel can slide out of place and require adjustment prior to every show. Evans has come up with a solution that is customizable and requires less maintenance.

How The Bass Drum EQ Pad Works

Evans EQ PadThe bottom of the Evans EQ Padd has two stripes of Velcro on it. The installation package comes with the two opposite strips that you can install in the bottom of your kick drum. This is designed to keep the pad in place while you move your kit, or while your pedal pounds the drum head.

The upper portion of the pad (as pictured here) has a hinge-like seam along the bottom that allows it to fold up and down. It is designed to be pulled back when you Velcro the lower portion to the bottom of your bass drum. You then let go of the top portion so it can rest against the inside of the bass drumhead.

When you hit the drum head the upper portion will come off the head (due to kick pedal impact) by folding at the hinge-like seam. Then, it bounces back to its initial position resting against the inside of the drumhead. Once back in this position it effectively mutes the head from producing any unwanted resonance.

You can customize the effect by adjusting the pads position along the Velcro strips. By doing this you can change the angle at which the pad rests against the drumhead. This enables you to change the speed at which the pad comes back to mute the drumhead.

Double/Triple Effect

The topside of the pad has Velcro strips that allow you to place a second pad in the reverse direction to mute the reso head. To take that a step further, you can add a third above that facing back against the batter head. With this flexibility you can truly customize the sound you get from your kick drum without having to resort to stuffing pillows or towels in there.

Evans Bass Drum EQ Pad

At 22.99 each, some might think the Evans' EQ Pads are a fairly expensive solution for muting your bass drumhead. That said, if you are sick and tired of adjusting the contents of your kick drum to better deaden its sound, this product might be what you have been looking for. It does exactly what it is advertised to do.

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