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Learn If Drum Tuition Is For You

Many drummers consider taking drum tuition, but wonder if it is worth the money they put into it. Drum tuition can be very costly; and, depending on your instructor, could very well be a waste of time. So is taking drum lessons, or tuition, worth it? Are there certain things that you need an instructor for to learn? What about the internet and all the free abundance of teaching material? All these things can weigh down on your mind when you are trying to learn anything, let alone the drums. So let’s break some of this down, and try to make things a little more understandable.

Drum tuition is not necessary to become a professional drummer; however it does help you out on the way. Receiving private lessons is a great way to boost your learning, if you are that type of learner. Some people take very well to personal lessons, being able to listen well, and be well disciplined. Others learn better on their own, being self motivated. Which ever way you learn, lessons will always help you out. Having a professional to be able to exam your bad habits, and point out your mistakes is something you cannot get on online web sites. If you are drumming with the wrong stick grip or example, and you are not taking lessons, you may be doing more harm than good; causing bad habits to be born. An instructor will notice this right away, and correct you.

Like I said before, there is a ton of material on the internet that does a phenomenal job of teaching and guiding you along the way. To some, this may be all you need, depending on the kind of instructional material you get. Drum tuition will definitely cost you a lot more money, so keep that in mind when you are deciding on what to do. With online material, and self teachings, you can take all the time in the world. With an instructor, you will find a time frame may cause you to rush, and skip out on some important principals.

In general, drum tuition will always be beneficial. The only thing you must decide is if it’s worth the money and time to do. If you are a self motivated person who has a lot of drive, you may be able to teach yourself with other forms of instruction; however, taking a few lessons here and there will always help along the way!

By: Dave Atkinson

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