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Biography On Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison is by far one of the most influential drummers in heavy metal / rock music. His unique style and chops have been viewed and imitated by drummers across the world. He has branded his style with a white mask that he wears when playing for his main band, Slipknot. Joey has played in many bands throughout his life, most of which were heavy metal bands.

Joey Jordison was born on April 26, 1975 in Des Moines, Iowa. His full name is Nathan Jonas Jordison. Joey plays the drums for many metal bands, but also plays guitar in his spare time. Joey started playing drums in a jazz school band when he was young. This, and hanging out with his cousin Steve Allan White, helped him tone his drum skills at an early age. After years of working at a gas station and playing for numerous metal bands, he finally landed a gig with the band currently known as Slipknot. Although this band took a little bit to get noticed, once they did, Joey Jordison became one of the top rated drummers of America.

Joey Jordisons Bands and Gigs

Obviously, Joey plays for the band Slipknot; however, that isn’t the only band he plays with. He is currently the guitarist for the up and coming band Murderdolls, which is currently on a break due to other side projects. Joey has filled in for well known drummer John Dolmayan of System of a Down during a show in 2001. In 2004, Joridson filled in for famous metal drummer Lars Ulrich of Metallica when he turned ill for one of their shows. Joey has played in bands such as Modifidious and Anal Blast when he was just starting out. Joey has definitely seen his share of diversity with bands. He has had the opportunity to play with well known heavy rock bands, meaning he is well trusted as a drummer!

Joey Jordison’s Drum Kit

Jordison has always been a Pearl drummer, he signed with Pearl when he started with Slipknot. He plays a very large kit, including 2 bass drums, and a rack loaded with a variety of Paiste cymbals. For the longest time he played the Pearl Masters Series MMX drum set; however, as of late Joridson teamed up with Pearl to create a Jet Black Pearl Export EX kit. This kit is just as popular, and is now selling very well. Jordison uses TAMA Iron Cobra bass pedals, with high tension springs. His drum set is covered in Remo drum heads. The sizes he is most familiar with playing are: 2 22” x 18” bass drums, 8x7, 10x8 , 12x9, 3x10, 14x12, 16x16, and 18x16 toms. His snare is 13x6.5. He is currently signed with Paiste cymbals in which he uses a very wide variety.

One of Joey Jordison’s claim to fame, is his white mask that he wears during the majority of his concerts. In the band Slipknot, every member wears a mask that means something to them. As for Joey, he chose a plain white Japanese Noh mask – the same mask his mother wore one Halloween that terrified him. Recently, Jordison has painted blood and other markings on the mask to spice things up. That, mixed with his long straight, red streaked hair, makes him quite the musician to look at. But don’t let looks fool you, Jordison is a master behind the drum set. Take a look at these Joey Jordison pictures, and check out his unique sense of style for yourself.

When playing in his bands Slipknot or Muderdolls, or when he is filling in for other popular drummers, Joey Jordison has definitely made a name for himself. His pure skill on the Pearl drums mixed with his unique looks, give him the edge over most other heavy metal drummers. A must to check out if you are into heavy power drumming!

For videos of Joey Jordison check out the official drum videos website.

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