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Classic RealFeel Practice Pad - Drum Review

Practicing sticking patterns and drum rudiments on a practice pad can be one of the most rewarding learning experiences. It's a great way to work on your hand technique without the distraction of a complete drum kit in front of you. As a drummer, you are sure to find it easier to focus on snare-based rudiments when it is just you, the drumsticks, and the practice pad.

Practice PadRealFeel?

The RealFeel line of practice pads is one of the most popular solutions. As the name suggests, the product designer's intent was to simulate the "real feel" of a snare drum. The RealFeel goal was to create a complimentary practice environment, and avoid any sense of awkwardness in comparison to your real snare drum.

I have been using the pad for close to a year now, and I'm definitely happy with its feel. The response is ever-so-slightly off the feel of my snare drum, but remarkable close considering it uses a completely different playing surface. The pad itself is made of a gum-like material and, as expected, is significantly quieter than any real snare drum.

The Classic RealFeel Practice Pad comes in two models: a single-sided 6" pad or a single-sided 12" pad. The smaller one has a built-in cymbal stand mount, and the larger one can be set on top of a snare drum, or even put on a snare drum stand of its own.

HQ Percussion, the manufacturers, also has several other models available, including a line of double sided pads. They utilize the same gum-like surface for one side, and an alternate neoprene surface on the other. You can always select this option if you like to practice with a variety of playing surfaces. Keep in mind, the double-sided 6" model is not stand mountable.

Practicing On The RealFeel Practice Pad

Due to a practice pad's versatility and relatively subtle sound, you'll find it gives you much more flexibility in practice hours. You can play on a pad later at night without disturbing the neighbors or other family members, and can even take it on the road with you. I'd highly recommend setting up a stand, a pad, and a set of sticks in front of the television. If you are a TV addict, you'll now have access to hours of practice time that would normally be wasted.

The RealFeel Practice Pad

If you don't yet have a practice pad, or are looking for one that has a realistic feel, this is likely the solution for you. Most drum shops stock the RealFeel pads, so you can always try one before making your final decision. I'm certain you will find it emulates the feel of a snare drum better than most.


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