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Learn How To Play The Fifteen Stroke Roll

The fifteen stroke roll is a less popular rudiment; however it is still important to practice. This rudiment contains 15 strokes, 7 doubles followed by a single. Practicing this rudiment will help to develop stick control and endurance, as you have to make sure you are playing 15 strokes. Since this is longer rudiment to play, you will develop endurance when you practice this at faster tempos. Most drummers fail to practice this rudiment, thinking if they can play a 5 or 7 stroke roll, they can play this. Do not fall under that category of drummers. Practice this rudiment regularly to master your drum roll on the snare drum and the toms. Like other rudiments, the fifteen stroke roll can be written a number of ways. Here are a few examples:


Make sure you are playing this rudiment with the proper stick grip. Practicing any rudiment with incorrect hand placement could hurt you physically, as well as hinder your performance. So check this guide to learn how to properly hold your drumsticks. Also, if this practice is feeling awkward at all, you may be using the wrong stick size. Check out this lesson on selecting the right drum stick for you!

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