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How to Play Basic Punk Rock Beats on the Drums


Punk rock is a style of music that is very catchy to listen to, and very fun to play on the drums. Punk rock grew popular with bands like the Ramones, and the Clash. Even to this day punk rock is still very popular with bands like NOFX, and Blink 182. Punk drummers are very talented. The speed, precision, and stick control they use are very hard to develop. Most drummers will look down on punk rock drummers due to the simplicity of some of their beats. This is not the case at all! These beats may sound simple at some times, but playing them correctly, and up to the speed these drummers play is very difficult. So take some time to learn this unique style of music!


The whole feel of a punk rock beat is different then any other beat. It is meant to be upbeat and fast. The groove is supposed to make the listeners head bob, and keep the whole song driving forward. With this in mind, you do not want to ever slow down the beat. In order to keep the speed of some of these grooves, you my want to read over these few articles on bass drum speed. You can always use your double bass pedal for these patterns if you cannot get them up to speed with the single pedal. Here are some helpful articles:

 In addition to your bass drum speed, you also want to work on your stick speed. The examples below are played with 8th notes on the hi hat, however to add more variety and speed to the beat, you can play 16th notes on the hats instead.


If you play some punk rock beats slowly, they turn into generic rock beats. So make sure you are playing up to tempo. Try this beat below. It is the basic punk rock beat that is used in so many songs. Notice how the basic hi hat and snare pattern is the same with most 4/4 beats. The bass drum is what makes this punk rock beat groove. It drives the whole pattern.


This next beat is very similar; however instead of playing a single kick, you will be playing a double kick stroke. This is just another way to add more feel and speed to this groove. Again, make sure you foot is up to speed with this, or you will run into troubles! Try this beat:


These are the basic punk rock patterns that are used so many times in basic to advanced punk rock songs. Make sure you have a strong understanding of these grooves so you can use them in all sorts of different styles! Good luck with these!

By: Dave Atkinson

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