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Drum lessons are important if you want to be a good drummer. Every drummer out there wants to improve his or her skills on the drum set. Whether you are a new beginner drummer, or a more advanced novice drummer, drum lessons are never a bad choice. But what kind of drum lessons work the best? and is it really worth the money spending it on hours of lessons? Drum lessons, or drum tuition, can be taken in many forms. Some are definately better than others, depending on where you want to be musically. All in all, the best drum lessons you can take are the ones given by yourself! Eventually, you will want to try and work your way to becoming a working drummer!

Private Drum Lessons

Most professional drum teachers will charge anywhere from $40-60 an hour. This is a lot of money for what you are getting. On some occasions, you may spend up to an hour learning one beat, or concept. That can add up if you are wanting to learn a lot! Also, some drum lesson instructors will go off topic, or be less efficient. This ends up wasting your time and money in the long run. In addition to all of this, most drummers live in communities where drum instructors are hard to find. Some will even have to travel upwards to an hour just to get a solid lesson. Personal drum lessons are not the way to go in situations like these. This does not mean to say they are pointless. Drum lessons from professionals and teachers are always good to take. It just has to fit into your budget.

Personal Drum Lessons

The next type of drum lesson I want to talk about is what I like to call personal drum lessons. This is the type where you teach yourself. Now I know a lot of drummers out there will argue that you can only teach yourself so much, but I disagree with this. With the right tools and resources, mixed with the right amount of motivation, you can teach yourself anything! You will learn faster this way, and will be able to retain more information. In fact, so many famous drummers are self taught. Obviously you cannot teach yourself without any resources, but that is where the internet and media come in. Sites like these are great tools for drummers to learn from!

Online Drum Lessons

Drum lessons from web sites are very easy to follow and can teach you professional concepts and techniques without needing to find an actual professional drummer to do it! For all you beginners out there, it’s best to start out with the basics, including how to read sheet music. From there you can learn the basic 4/4 beat, followed by some basic rudiments. There’s no stopping you from there, as you can learn other styles of drumming like Jazz, Punk, Metal, Latin, and more! These types of drum lessons are the kind that you can take at your own pace so you do not have to be under a time frame like other lessons.

Drum Lesson DVD's

Another great tool for teaching yourself drums is drum lesson dvds. These have helped thousands tone their skills and become more professional then they ever thought possible. These work very well, because people can go through them at their own pace, pausing and rewinding when they need to. The best part about drumming DVD’s is the fact that most of them cost similar to a one hour professional drum lesson. For example, Mike Michalkow's Moeller Method DVD is $49.95, the average cost of an hour drum lesson. In this 2.5 hour DVD, you will learn a valuable technique that would take at least 4 or more drum lessons to teach. Jared Falk's Rock Drumming System is a complete training pack that includes over 9 hours of material that would take you months to learn with professional drum lessons. This whole package can be bought for less than $120. So there is definitely some reasoning to why this type of lesson teaching has grown in popularity.

Whether you have been drumming for 10 months, or 10 years, you never stop learning. There is always something new to learn and something new to play. So the next time you are thinking about taking drum lessons, stop and think about where you want to be, and what your budget is. More times then not you will be able to find easy to follow solutions online and at your local music DVD store!

By: Dave Atkinson

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