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Learn How To Practice Drums Effeciently

Practicing drums can be strenuous and boring at times. In fact, most drummers will sit on a kit, jam with an ipod for an hour, and call it a good “practice” session. The truth is, practicing your technique and jamming are two totally different tings. So how do we get the most out of our practice times? This article will explain some basic tips that will help speed up your progress when practicing drastically. Remember; Practicing doesn’t make perfect – Practicing RIGHT makes perfect. So read through these pointers and see if you are practicing the right way.

Use a Practice Pad

Use a practice pad! Not only is it a lot quieter for your ears, but it is essential for developing strong stick control. 50% of your practicing should be on a drum pad, playing drum rudiments and working on endurance. When people practice on a drum set they tend to get distracted, and end up doing their own thing. A practice pad will force you to stick to your drum rudiments, and be more creative. Check these practice pad reviews out to find the best one for you!

Use a Metronome

Use a Metronome! No drummer should be without one. Weather on a drum set or practice pad, taking the time to learn how to use a metronome is essential when it comes to practicing. Not only will you be able to record your progress, you will be forced to play on time. If you do not own a metronome, you can use a free online one by clicking here. Another trick is to listen to your favorite tune and use the tempo from that song.

Educate Yourself On Drumming Musicially

Listen to more music. If jamming is all you want to do, at least jam productively. Try to find different styles of songs you are not used to; or find songs that are above your level of playing. Jamming to these songs will force you to be more creative and make you step out of your bubble. So if speed is an issue for you, try playing along to some faster punk music. Or, if Jazz is the style you are looking for, check out this Jazz Drumming DVD.

Drum Bigger

To increase you speed and control, try playing on different surfaces with bigger sticks. Instead of playing on a practice pad, try drumming on a pillow. This will give you a lot less bounce, forcing you to build your finger and wrist muscles faster. Also, go out and pick up a set of thicker sticks. If you use 5a’s, try practicing with 2b’s, or if you use 2b’s, try using marching band sticks. Do this for a week and go back to your smaller sticks, you will be very surprised at the results! If you are unsure what drumsticks are better than others, try reading different drum articles, and do a little research.

Enjoy Yourself When Drumming

Forcing yourself to practice is the worse thing you can do. Instead, find a way to practice that you will enjoy. Chances are if you enjoy what you are doing, you will do it more often and with more effort.

These few tips will hopefully strengthen your practice sessions. Just remember to practice regularly, and jam regularly. Both are equally important with drums. If you would like to learn the basic rudiments click here. For more practicing tips, check out Rick Kettners article on practicing.

For more practice tips, check out this how to practice drums article.

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