Rock Drumming System

Drummer Biographies

Travis Barker - Travis Barker is arguably one of the most influential modern drummers that is still active in the drumming community.

Joey Jordison - Joey Jordison is by far one of the most influential drummers in heavy metal / rock music.

Buddy Rich - Buddy Rich is by far one of the best drummers to walk this earth. Buddy rich was a drummer ever since his early years of his life, and lived a life full of drumming.

Mike Portnoy - Mike Portnoy has become one of the leaders in Progressive Rock drumming. Drumming for Dream Theater has helped his career a lot!

Mike Michalkow - Mike Michalkow is a rapidly growing drummer in the music scene. His years of playing, teaching, and recording are being highlighted throughout the drumming community.

Thomas Lang - Thomas Lang is one of the top drummers of the new age. HIs independance and teaching skills, mixed with his knowledge in music, make him very well respected.

Neil Peart - One of the most popular drummers today, Neil Peart has alot of experiance behind you.


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