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Review – Qwik Time Metronome

As drummers, our job is to play beats that are on time. To accomplish this, every drummer must practice with a metronome. With so many different models and types of time keepers, what is the best one for the price? I looked into Qwik Time’s metronome, a small digital metronome at a small price. Was it worth the money, or was it a waste of time. Being such a small device, it may appear to be a cheap version of a powerful machine. However, do not underestimate; this metronome packs everything a drummer needs – and all for a low price.

Looks Metronome

The first thing every one notices is the size and shape of the Qwik Time metronome. This is because the device is no bigger than a wallet or cell phone! This is super handy for traveling musicians and practicing drummers. Being able to carry it in your pocket with little inconvenience is super nice. On the metronome itself, there is a stand that folds out, allowing you to prop it up on an angle. When done, you can practically place it anywhere around your kit. The simple design on the front makes setting up the right tempo very easy. With a tempo chart on the front, you can see which tempo you want to use for your practicing. The display screen is very simple, only showing you the BPM you are running at. All in all, a very basic and nice design.

Play Back

The Qwik Time metronome is very easy to set up. There are 3 settings, - Regular, - Silent, - 440 kHz. The regular setting is your basic metronome click. Not only is there a click track that plays through a speaker, but there is also a red LED that flashes right along with it. This is handy for those visual learners. The silent mode cuts out the speaker, only using the LED. This will force you to use your internal clock a lot more, allowing you to check up on the LED to see if you re still on time or not. The 440 kHz setting is strictly for tuning your drum or your guitar. It is set to the key of A.

The Qwik Time metronome comes ear phone ready, for those who would like to plug their ear phones right into the metronome. This is nice to have, because the speaker volume on the device is not very loud, so hearing can be an issue. Setting the Tempo on the device is very simple with its 2 buttons on the center of the metronome. The only problem I had with this is that every time the metronome gets shut off, the default start tempo is 100 Bpm. This can cause some frustration if you accidentally shut it off. The metronome runs from 40 Bpm – 250 Bpm


The Qwik Time Metronome is a must for any drummer. With a price tag of 15-20$ its no wonder why this powerful device is so popular. With its easy portability, earphone connectivity, and easy to use interface, this metronome has set the bar. The only downfalls have got to be the lack of volume produced by the speaker, and the lack of click sounds, (having only one). However, all you want to do is keep time right? This is perfect for practicing with a practice pad, just set it up and start working on your timing! Go out and pick one up right away!


By Dave Atkinson

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