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Axis Longboards - Double Pedals Review


If you haven’t already heard of Axis Percussion, you might want to take a look! Axis has been around for many years making solid drum accessories with designs that are not only unique, but very efficient. They may not be as popular as some bigger names like DW or TAMA, but with drummers like Tim Waterson, and Greg Holloway behind them, they definitely can compete! The Axis double bass pedals offer a totally different design and set up then regular pedals; designs that have helped win the Worlds Fastest Drummer competition on more than one occasion. So is it worth the money to invest in these double pedals?  

The Looks Of Axis Double Pedals

Axis Percussion is totally dedicated to double bass drum pedals and accessories, allowing them to create unique designs and patens that will place them on top. Their double bass pedals are perfect examples of this. When I opened the box, I was immediately drawn to its unique design. It looked like no other double bass pedal I have seen. At first you may think the pedals are of lower quality; however, the basic design is actually more effective than most others. In addition to its set up, you will also notice the length of the pedals themselves. The name Longboard suggests an extra large foot area – and they are not joking. With an extra 2 inches on both pedals, your feet have a lot more room to slide around on; perfect for drummers with larger feet.

The name Axis is carved into the double pedals with red ink, giving the pedals a bit of color. Other than this small graphic, the pedals are very plain. Axis did not put much time into the visuals of these pedals. With a solid grey tone, the red AXIS cymbal on the feet pedals is the only color on them. This can be very misleading to those who are unfamiliar with the pedals, thinking they are a cheaper set. In addition, they do a poor job in complimenting your drum kit. Axis could have spent a little more time on the visual aspects of this pedal to increase the value, and shine.

Adjustability Of Axis Double Pedals

Although the pedals may look plain and basic, the adjustability is certainly not. First off, the Axis Longboards come equipped with all the basic adjustability options as most double bass pedals. You can adjust the distance of each pedal; you can adjust the spring tension, and the height of each beater. Because these are direct drive pedals, there is no chain or belt to adjust. The thing that sets these pedals apart from the rest is the ability to adjust the distance of the beaters horizontally. Most pedals you can adjust the height no problem, but with the Axis design, you are able to adjust everything on the beater. From angle of the head, to the distance it sticks out, you can adjust it. This is a huge advantage over other double bass pedals on the market. Adjusting the beaters closer to the drum will make it easier for you to play. The closer the beaters are, the less you have to kick, which saves you energy and time! The possibilities to this design are endless – you can change the sound on your bass drum just by changing the angle and distance of your beaters!

The Axis Longboard Double Pedals

Now that we know what is included with the double pedals we can dive into the actual play of the pedals. Because these double pedals are direct drive, they do not have the same lag that comes with chain and belt driven pedals. This is very nice, giving the pedals a super responsive feel. Also, because of the simple design of the pedals, I was able to match the spring tensions very quickly. This is one of the most important things to look for in a double bass drum pedal.  Another great part to these is the length of the foot pedals. Because these are the Longboards, the pedals are 2 inches bigger, giving you a lot more room to master the slide technique as well as the heel toe technique. Something that most people would over look is the weight of these pedals. I noticed right away how light they actually were. This is great if you are transporting them from show to show. Also, it is a lot easier to get speed with a lighter pedal, which you can easily achieve with the feel of these pedals.

The Axis pedals come stock with a few beater heads you can stick on the tips. This is nice if you like to experiment with different feels; however they are not the best quality tips. There are a few other problems I found with the double pedals, although they are small issues. The first would be the pedals themselves having the name axis carved into them. If you use socks or go without shoes when you play, you may find your sock gets caught on the ridges of the name, causing many problems with your speed. Also, you may hurt your foot if you ever play barefoot.  Another issue I found with these pedals was the practicality of them. They are perfect for speed and power drumming, but if you are looking different styles of music, they may not be the ones for you. They dont offer the same dynamics that heavier pedals can offer you.

Pricing and Conclusion Of Axis Double Pedals

The Axis Longboard double bass pedals will run you anywhere from $400-700 This is a little costly for a pair of double kickers; however you are getting great quality and unique designs. The adjustability of these double pedals is absolutely top of the line when it comes to bass drum pedals. Where these pedals lack in visual appearance, they make up in speed, power and design. If you are interested in taking your speed up to the next level then these are definitely the pedals for you. In fact, these are the pedals that Tim Waterson used to set the world record for fastest feet. Jared Falk also uses and recommends these pedals in his Bass Drum Secrets pack (a training system for pedal speed, power, and control).


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