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Learn How To Be A Jazz Drummer

Jazz drumming is one of the most artistic forms of drumming out there. To most, playing jazz can also be the most difficult to perform. It is a mystery that drummers tackle after they have mastered every other form of drumming. In reality, jazz can be very simple, and extremely rewarding. The problem that most have in playing jazz, is that they have been too involved with rock, and other types of drumming, and have never explored the jazz region. They are not used to accenting different counts, and playing less rather than more. So let’s break down the wall of confusion people have with Jazz, and explain things very slowly so that you will be able to play basic jazz in no time!

Like rock music, there are many different varieties of jazz music. There is traditional jazz, which is more free from, and relaxed than any other type. There is Beebop, which is a faster more upbeat version of jazz. Lastly, there is swing, which has a more smooth moving feel to it. Most of these styles share a common groove, and can be hard to distinguish at times. Learning this pattern at fast and slow tempos will allow you to pick up all styles of jazz a lot easier! Anoher big thing to learn when you are taking on jazz is brushes. Being able to play with brushes will help you alot along your way in mastering jazz.

What you will want to do is throw away all of your ideas you had about rock drumming. Jazz drumming does not carry the same feel, nor does it have the same techniques as rock. As a Jazz drummer, your main job is to keep time and accent the other members in the band; while in most rock, you are there to add volume and power. When are playing jazz, you want to train yourself to listen and follow, rather than lead. This will be hard for a lot of you out there, but if you can overcome this, you will be able to groove with the band a lot easier.

Although jazz may be hard to play, do not get discouraged. Take things slowly, and you should have no problem with this style of music. A great way to help yourself out, is by listening to more jazz. If you are truly interested in learning this style of music, nothing helps better than by surrounding yourself in it! Try the most popular jazz album around, “Kind Of Blue” by Miles Davis. Also, check out the Jazz Drumming System, Its due to be released in spring of 2007 and will include everything from how to start basic jazz groove, to the most advanced jazz concepts. For an advanced lesson, check out this 5/4 Jazz beat.

By: Dave Atkinson

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