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History Of The Moeller Method Drum Technique

The Moeller method is one of the most popular drum techniques for increasing speed, power, and endurance with your drumsticks. The Moeller stroke, Up Stroke, and Down Stroke are all terms you may have heard of before. But where do they come from? Who is Sanford Moeller and how did he come up with the famous Moeller technique?

Who Is Sanford A. Moeller

Sanford Moeller, a man who lived in the late 1800's and early 1900's, was a drummer who was fascinated by the way Civil War drummers would play their snare drums. He spent many years studying the way they held their sticks, and how they could play for days and days without hurting themselves or feeling any fatigue. The fact that they were keeping up while drumming on rough skins and using sticks that were often mismatched or too big, impressed him.

Where The Moeller Method Originated

In watching these drummers, he noted their grips and technique, and went on to teach their technique to other experienced drummers such as Jim Chapin. Although the method is called the Moeller method, it wasn't Sanford's technique. He simply gathered all the information from what he saw, and taught it to others. Drummers such as Jim Chapin, Gene Krupa, and William Ludwig all studied under Sanford Moeller. In fact, Jim Chapin was one of the big promoters of this technique. If it wasn't for him, the technique would have probably faded out.

Books and Videos About The Moeller Technique

The first book to publish Sanford's research was by William Ludwig in 1925, called "The Moeller Book: the Art of Snare Drumming." Later Jim Chapin released his video "Speed Power Control Endurance" (1992 VHS) which helped many drummers develop the method with visual training. While both of these may be very hard to find - Mike Michalkow has recently introduced an updated video with fresh insights into hand speed techniques. His Moeller Method Secrets dual-DVD training system covers the Moeller method, finger control technique, proper stick grip, and other related topics.

To learn more about the Moeller Method – I encourage you to vist for free downloadable DVD excerpts from Mike Michalkow's Moeller Method Secrets training system.

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